★ How to Accept, Verify and Check ID cards?

Acceptable ID must be/have these things
  • Must include:
  • be issued by the government
  • include the persons photo
  • include the persons birthdate
  • Acceptable Forms of valid Identification (ID):
  • Ontario's drivers license
  • Canadian Passport
  • Canadian citizenship card
  • Canadian armed forces identification card
  • Bring Your Identification (BYID) card issued by the liquor control board of Ontario (LCBO)
  • secure Indian status card (Canadian)
  • permanent resident card (Canadian)
  • any photo card issued under the photo card act 2008
  • Out-of-province photo driver's license.
  • Valid Passport

Verifying ID?(8)
  • Owners birth date
  • Owners address
  • Guests physical description
  • Expiry date or date of birth
  • Owners signature
  • Owners photo
  • Owners name
  • Overall condition of ID

Fake ID
  • Students have been altering their ID and placing clear nail polish over the spots that they have altered which actually prevents the Ontario hologram from showing on the drivers license.
  • Some people will actually fold and bend so if there is any tampering.

How to Check ID
  • Ask the guest to remove ID from their wallet
  • Examine the ID in a well-lit area
  • Hold the ID in your own hands to see or feel if any changes have been made.
  • Tilt the ID under light to see all of the reflective seals and holograms flash.
  • Check the overall condition of the card minors often use the expired license of a family member or friend.
  • Visually and manually confirm that the ID's size, weight and shape are normal and that the photo, lettering and lamination haven't been switched, altered or tampered with.
  • Check for uneven surfaces and edges as well as cuts or bubbles in the laminate.

These are the verification steps with old-style ID - Ontario drivers license checking if it's valid
  • Photo should match
  • First letter in drivers license number should match the first letter in the persons last name
  • Numbers on date of birth should be same thickness and colour
  • Surface of card should be smooth with no raised areas

These are the verification steps on the front of the new-style ID - Ontario drivers license checking if it's valid
  • Raised lettering on drivers license number
  • Protected secondary photo and signature bottom right
  • Raised lettering on date of birth
  • Picture: Photo and signature are imprinted into the surface of the card
  • Background has a fine line
  • Magnetic strip on the back of the card

Checking ID
  • 19 years of age or older.
  • Serving alcohol to under-aged guests, besides being against the law, is an offense under the Liquor License Act (LLA) and can lead to charges by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario and the police. You and your establishment can be sued and /or fined. Your employer's Liquor License can also be suspended or revoked.

What to Check on ID
  • If the colours are dull/faded or if the birth or expiry dates look scratched, or appear to have been tampered with.
  • Beware of misspelled words or disclaimers.
  • Same font or size of font.
  • Compare ID photo and description: height, weight, eye and hair colour. Pay attention to the shape and size of the facial features.
  • Ontario Drivers License picture is in black and white.
  • Drivers License states height in cm.
  • In Ontario, the health card can only be used as a secondary piece of ID.

How do you check for ID?
Ask for two pieces, ensure it is valid

How to Identify fraudulent ID?
1. 2 pieces of government issued id, one with photo.
2. ask for address
3. ask for middle name, height

List the ways to identify fraudulent ID
  • Optical Variable Device
  • Micro and Rainbow Printing
  • Ultraviolet Designs
  • Magnetic Stripe
  • Barcodes
  • Laser Engraving and Raising of Features
  • Ghosted Image
  • Polycarbonate Cardstock
  • Elaborate Graphic Designs
  • Larger Type
  • Additional Text for Drivers License Holders Under 19

Always ask for one or more pieces of government-issued photo ID
NEVER accept student cards or expired ID

This is the 1 verification step on the back of the new-style ID
Magnetic strip

Is Ontario Health card an acceptable form of ID?
It is usable at discretion of establishment - it can never be required

What is NOT an acceptable combination of ID?
BC CareCard and credit card

How many pieces of ID are required in BC for individuals who appear to be minors?

When checking IDs, what information on the BC Novice (N) and Learners (L) type Driver’s licenses helps identify drivers license holders under the age of 19 easily?
the date the card holder will turn 19

Following is a sign that an ID may have been altered:
  • Erasure marks on paper ID.
  • Improper alignment of letters or numerals.
  • Improper type style.
  • Signs that a new number has been pasted over the existing number on the ID.
  • Unusual bumps or air pockets especially on laminated IDs.

When checking IDs to identify minors, how can laser engraving used on the new British Columbia Drivers Licenses and Identification Cards help?
the engraving is tactile and can be felt by touch to identify authenticity

If a customer presents an ID where the physical description does not match the photograph or the person:
Do not accept the ID as proof of age because it may be a forged or altered ID.

All of British Columbia's licensed establishments are required by law to ask anyone who appears to be under the age of 19 for:
two pieces of ID, at least one with a photo

which is the best or good question to verify id?
ask for the posal code

A Canadian citizenship card is an acceptable form of age identification.

You may ask for an Ontario health card as form of age identification?

What must staff do if a patron CANNOT produce two pieces of acceptable ID to prove they are of drinking age?
refuse service

When checking IDs to identify minors, how can micro and rainbow printing on the new British Columbia Drivers Licenses and Identification Cards be most helpful?
these are printed in a unique pattern and are only visible under a magnifying glass for security reasons

What should be done when a fake or invalid ID is suspected?
record ID information and refuse service

What kind of body language and behaviour indicates the use of fake ID?
darting eyes and fidgeting

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