★ Responsible Alcohol House Policy

Establishments need to have this code that they abide by for alcohol serving
Responsible Alcohol House Policy

A responsible alcohol house policy must do these 2 things
Give clear and consistent guidelines to carry out philosophy, include a goal statement

Responsible alcohol house policy:
  • avoid passing by the table
  • delay service .
  • distract the guest by striking up a conversation or introducing them to other guests.
  • let the host of the table know you are slowing service.
  • offer water alcohol free beverage or food.
  • make the manager aware of the situation.
  • talk to the guest in a polite and respectful way

Responsibility of the Premise/Establishment:
  • Hands on approach when drunk people try to drive home
  • Take comments or concerns seriously
  • follow up with drunk patron who appears to be heading for their vehicles
  • Call police if drunk person insists on driving home

What is a house policy?
  • Is a comprehensive set of policies for responsible beverage service specially created for an establishment by the manager or licensee.
  • Is a set of policies on RBS created by the government for licensees.
  • A set of procedures and strategies for the service of alcohol
  • A house policy is a set of policies for RBS procedures created by a licensee or manager for his or her individual establishment

The importance of a house policy to support responsible beverage service
  • Provides licensees, managers and staff with the appropriate procedures to use in different alcohol-service situations.
  • Shields your establishment from unwanted lawsuits.
  • Promoting house policy creates customer awareness and shows that you and your staff are responsible and professional.
  • Designed to guide and support you in all aspects of responsible alcohol service
  • should give clear and consistent guidelines to carry out your establishment philosophy of responsible alcohol service
  • ask manager or owner for this

The statement is correct about a house policy
It is a customized set of procedures based on the specific needs of an establishment

A written policy is:
A serious document that should be read and discussed by staff.

What should be taken into account when developing a house policy?
The needs of the establishment

What is the key purpose of a house policy?
  • Provide workers with practical tactics that can be used in different alcohol-service situations, showcase professionalism, etc.
  • To implement procedures and strategies that reduce the over-consumption of alcohol

What are the characteristics of a good house policy?
It is based on the risks unique to an establishment and includes input of staff and guests

What is the best way to implement changes to a house policy?
During staff meetings on a pre-determined date

What is the importance of a house policy?
Provides practical tactics that can be used in different alcohol-service situations

Aside from planned strategies, what must an establishment have to help in managing control through interventions?
House policy

What should a house policy include?
Goal statement which represents your establishment overall commitment towards achieving responsible beverage service

What practice by management ensures an effective house policy that supports responsible beverage services?
Supporting the decision of staff to deny service to customers when they apply the house policy

In implementing responsible beverage service, which is the key impact of a house policy requiring two valid pieces of identification?
It helps prevent the sale of liquor to minors

How does posting a house policy where customers can view it support responsible beverage service?
It alerts customers that the establishment does not serve to the point of intoxication

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