★ Intervention

Intervention is when a server, manager or licensee ensures that service to an intoxicated patron is discontinued and that the guest gets home safely.

How to handle typical situations requiring intervention
  • Identify a backup team member.
  • When refusing service, explain to the guest privately and discreetly.
  • Be courteous and firm; provide reasons for your actions.

How do you deal with difficult situations?
proactively slow down service, seek assistance or discontinue service, ensure that patrons arrive safe.

Follow these three steps to intervene and deal with difficult situations:
step 1: Monitor behaviour and slow down service
step 2: Seek assistance and discontinue service
step 3: Ensure that customers arrive home safely

Slowing service
  • avoiding them
  • engaging them in something different
  • offer water
  • make manager aware
  • delay service
  • let host of table know that you are slowing them down
  • talk to guest in a polite and respectful way
  • offer food

What is the most critical factor to maintain a safe environment in an establishment?
early intervention

Aside from planned strategies, what must an establishment have to help in managing control through interventions?
house policy

How do you discontinue service?
Assess situation, identify back-up coworkers, speak to guest ASAP, be discreet, respectful, firm

Ensue that customers arrive home safely
  • Offer incentives to leave the group's car behind, such as free parking or coffee in the morning.
  • Ask if there is close relative or friend the guest could call for a ride home.
  • Offer to pay for a taxi if the patron is unable to pay for one.
  • Write down the license number of the car if they manage to get into a vehicle, and general direction they are travelling and immediately alert the police.

How to get intoxicated patrons home safely
  • Identify a sober friend or companion of the guest that is there or can be called to pick them up.
  • Offer the guest incentives to leave their keys or help them to use a community service to get home.
  • If the patron insists on driving, call the police with details.

How do you get people home safely?
Enlist support of other guests in party, offer incentives to leave a car down, call police with details if drunk insisits on drive, communicate with coworkers on intervention, record incident in logbook and get witnesses (at least 2 unbiased)

Here is a systematic procedure for dealing with difficult situations.
1. Assess the situation
2. Identify a backup co-worker
3. Create a plan to speak to the guest
4. Execute the plan quickly, firmly and fairly
5. Choose your words carefully
Cite the house policy, saying, "I have no choice, it's the law," or "I may lose my job if I break this policy."
6. Remove alcohol
7. Defuse negative confrontations
8. Listen and empathize
9. Be prepared to help the guest if necessary
10. Stay in the room

What could the staff at the bar do to prevent over-consumption?
  • Staff could have communicated effectively during shift changes
  • suggested food
  • slowed down service
  • provided a glass of water with the last drinks or sold some non-alcoholic beverages
  • discontinued service.


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