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Question: A medic alert bracelet might indicate that a customer:
★ Q: A medical alert bracelet might indicate that a customer:
  Has a medical condition that might mimic intoxication.
  Should not drink because of a medical condition.
  Is not allowed to drink alcohol.
  May become intoxicated quickly.

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Has a medical condition that might mimic intoxication.

EXPLANATION: A medic alert bracelet might indicate that a customer: Has a medical condition that might mimic intoxication.

Question: A medic alert bracelet might indicate that a customer has a medical condition that might mimic intoxication.

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A customer having a medic alert bracelet on his/her body can simply indicate that a customer might has a medical condition that might mimic intoxication. There are very specific illnesses that can mimic intoxication. Medical conditions that mimic intoxication such as abnormal gait, altered mental status, or postictal after having an associated seizure are symptoms easily confused with alcohol intoxication.

What does a medic alert bracelet tell you about the person wearing it?
A medical identification tag is a small emblem or tag worn on a bracelet, neck chain, or on the clothing bearing a message that the wearer has an important medical condition that might require immediate attention, Any allergies, medical conditions or treatment needed. Wearing a medic alert bracelet might indicate that a customer "has a medical condition that might mimic intoxication". Another new type of medic identification alert is QR code based medical alert stickers.

Who should have a medic alert bracelet?
Individuals with lack of balance or diminished cognitive function, in general is misinterpreted as intoxication. The benefit from having a medical ID bracelet or necklace that tells others you are a patient with special needs. Example: a medic ID alert necklace or bracelet on a diabetic suffering a hypoglycemic episode can prevent a responder for dismissing the condition as alcoholic intoxication.

A medical alert IDs can be bracelet, watch, wristband, cards, jewelry, necklace, ID tag and more, are ultimately designed to save customer's life in an emergency situation and has information about their identity and medical condition. To avoid hazardous conditions such as drug overdose or alcohol intoxication can mimic death, it's better to wear medical alert bracelet. This helps others identify when they need help, so emergency care can be administered. Is a medical alert bracelet necessary? A medical information device which communicates with first emergency responders about your health condition.

Also Find out Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:
In order to remain TABC certified, I have to: Complete a seller training course every 2 years
Which of the following actions is illegal? TABC (Answer: All the options)
  • In a Private Club, serving an alcoholic beverages to a non-member.
  • For a person to appear in a public place while intoxicated.
  • For a minor to even attempt to purchase an alcoholic beverage.
  • To drink alcohol in an off premise establishment.
By taking this TABC course, you cannot be held liable if you sell to a minor or intoxicated person. FALSE
An example of an "On Premise" establishment is A restaurant that sells mixed drinks
Which of the following establishments would be considered "On Premise" A restaurants, also A bar, A motel, A hotel, A nightclub are examples of an "On Premise" establishment
Establishments that sell alcoholic beverages packaged "to go" are called:? Off Premise Sale
In an establishment that serves alcohol for on premise consumption and gets less than 50% of its gross receipts from alcohol sales, a cashier can be 16. TRUE
One of the legal definitions of intoxication in Texas is having a blood alcohol concentration of: 0.08 or more
A medic alert bracelet might indicate that a customer *: Has a medical condition that might mimic intoxication.
What is a good technique to use when trying to determine if a customer is intoxicated? (Answer: All the options)
  • Talk to the customer when they first arrive to establish a baseline of their behavior.
  • Observe how they are interacting with other people in their party.
  • Look for common signs of intoxication such as slurred speech, impaired balance, and reduced inhibitions
In which situation will your seller server certification be revoked? (Answer: All the options)
  • If you sell to an intoxicated person;
  • If you sell to a minor;
  • If you provide false information to receive your certificate;
If you make an illegal sale and didn’t meet a certain level of care that an ordinary person would meet (example: didn’t check ID, calculate age, refuse to over serve a patron, or look for signs of intoxication) this is the definition of being: Criminally negligent.
Which of the following people would likely become intoxicated more quickly? a person who is very tired or physically exhausted
Who is responsible for deciding if a person is intoxicated and if the sale of alcohol to them would be illegal? The person who actually serves, sells, or delivers the alcoholic beverage
What does the Dram Shop Act mean to a seller/server? If the seller/server sells an alcohol to an intoxicated person and they cause damage, injury or death, the seller/server can be held civilly liable by a court for their actions
Which of the following observations could be a sign that a customer is becoming intoxicated? (Answer: All the options)
  • The customer is weaving and bumping into tables when walking to the restroom.
  • The customer rests his head on the table and closes his eyes.
  • The customer is laughing and talking louder and louder as the night goes on.
A sign of intoxication could be a guest who is buying rounds of drinks for strangers. TRUE
Serving alcoholic beverages to guests who show signs of being intoxicated is legal, as long as: It is never legal to serve alcoholic beverages to guests who show signs of being intoxicated.
Responsible seller-servers of alcohol must know the law and their customers What else must seller-servers know? when to say "no"
When selling alcohol, a minor is defined as: A person under the age of 21
It is illegal for a minor to even attempt to purchase alcohol. TRUE
Is it legal for a minor to even attempt to purchase alcoholic beverages? No
In general, which of the following is legal for someone under the age of 21 to do? Buy an energy drink
Is a grocery store an off premise establishment? Yes
If you sell alcohol to a minor, you could receive a fine of: No more than $4,000
As a seller/server, if you sell alcohol to a minor, your employer could: (Answer: All the options)
  • Lose their license / permit
  • Pay fines
  • Be held liable in civil court for damages
In which situation is it legal for a minor to possess alcohol? When working at an establishment as a seller/server
In which situation is it legal for a minor to be in possession of an alcoholic beverage? If it is in the course and scope of their employment
In Texas, a minor driver's license has which of the following: (Answer: All the options)
  • States "Under 21 Driver License" on the front
  • Is presented in vertical format
  • Provides an "Under 21 Until" Date
It is legal for a person to have both a Texas Driver's License and a Texas Identification Card. FALSE
When may a minor legally purchase alcohol? (Answer: All the options)
  • They are assisting a place officer in the enforcement of the alcoholic beverage code.
  • A minor can only legally purchase alcohol when they are under the supervision of a commissioned peace officer.
  • A minor cannot legally purchase alcohol, even when in the presence of an adult or if the alcohol is for an adult family member.
Which of the following behavior patterns may be characteristic of minors? (Answer: All the options)
  • Self conscious about appearance..
  • May appear nervous – may not make eye contact with you..
  • Young people gathering in groups and sending one to make a purchase..
  • Young people approaching adults that are on their way in to make a purchase..
  • Some minors act very confident and sure of themselves when attempting to purchase alcohol.
Which of the following statements is correct regarding deciding whether an alcohol sale is legal? If a person looks like a minor, they likely are a minor
When checking an ID for age, which of the following forms of Identifications will NOT offer you someone protection as a seller? A college ID card with no physical description
If a customer presents an ID where the physical description does not match the photograph or the person: Do not accept the ID as proof of age because it may be a forged or altered ID.
Which of the following might make you suspect that an ID is fake? (Answer: All the options)
  • The words “Not a Government Document” appear.
  • White out used to change the information.
  • Fuzzy printing or red eye in the photo.
Which of the following things may indicate an ID has been altered? (Answer: All the options)
  • Erasure marks on paper ID (shining a light behind the paper usually will reveal this).
  • Improper alignment of letters or numerals (this occurs when a number or letter has been erased or cut out and a new number is pasted or typed over the erasure).
  • Improper type style (this occurs when a number or letter has been erased and a new number or letter is typed over the original).
  • Signs that a new number has been pasted over the existing number on the ID.
  • Unusual bumps or air pockets especially on laminated IDs, indicating the lamination has been redone.
What/When is the best time to check for identification? Before you make the sale or serve the drink
Which of the following factors may impact a person’s Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)? Gender
All seller server training schools are owned and operated by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. FALSE
Beth has just been hired as a cocktail waitress, she must be certified as a seller server within: 30 days
After determining that someone has had too much to drink, there are eight steps you should take to cut someone off. What is the first step? Verify your observations
Which of the following statements is correct regarding Fatigue, medication, drugs, or illness can? As they increase the effect alcohol has on a person.
An organization wants to provide "free" alcoholic beverages as part of a promotion. which of the following statements is correct? An organization can give away free alcoholic beverages to customers without having a TABC Temporary Permit.
Common alcoholic beverages include: Both beer and wine coolers
In an approved public entertainment facility, which of the following is allowed? A patron may enter or leave a licensed premise with an open alcoholic beverage as long as they remain in the facility.
Many organizations will apply for temporary permits that allow which of the following activities? sale and service of beer, wine and mixed beverages at locations in which beverages are not usually sold for on-premise consumption.
Which of the following statements about private club guests is CORRECT? Guests are not permitted to pay for any service of alcoholic beverages.
In a private club, a member is paying for: The service of the alcoholic beverage.
The holder of a promotional permit may provide alcohol to a minor. FALSE
The holder of a promotional permit may
  • may offer in store wine and beer samples.
  • may sell alcohol to members in a private club.
  • may engage in activities to promote and enhance the sale of an alcoholic beverage on behalf of a distiller, brewer, rectifier, manufacturer, winery, or wine bottler, including activities that take place on the premises of the holder of a permit or license under the Alcoholic Beverage Code Sec. 50.001.
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What time do they stop selling beer in texas
Can you buy alcohol on sunday in texas
The new Texas law, also known as House Bill 1518, was signed into law by Greg Abbot in the fall of 2020. These laws are relatively new. They were enacted right before fall 2021. Sunday sales were completely illegal in Texas. Here are the legal hours of alcohol sales in Texas:

Monday: 7 am to 12 am
Tuesday: 7 am to 12 am
Wednesday: 7 am to 12 am
Thursday: 7 am to 12 am
Friday: 7 am to 12 am
Saturday: 7 am to 12 am
Sunday: 10 am to 12 am (liquor stores closed)
Here are the opening hours available for liquor sales to Texas proprietors in accordance with the alcoholic beverage code and liquor laws.
From 10 am to 12 am on a Sunday
7 am to 12 am every other day of the week
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