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Guests who sway when sitting or standing have difficulty picking up objects is a sign of

★ Q: Guests who sway when sitting or standing have difficulty picking up objects is a sign of
Swaying or staggering when walking is a sign of
A) Relaxed inhibitions
B) Impaired judgment
C) Slowed reaction time
D) Impaired motor coordination

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Impaired motor coordination

Slowed reaction time
Guests may:
Talk or move slowly
Be unable to concentrate,lose their train of thought, or become forgetful
Become drowsy
Become glassy eyed, lose eye contact, or become unable to focus

Relaxed inhibitions
Guests become:
overly friendly, or unfriendly/depressed/quiet
use foul language
become loud
make rude comments

Impaired judgment
Guests may:
Complain about drink strength after drinking others of the same strength
Drink faster or switch to larger or stronger drinks
Make irrational/argumentative statements
Become careless with money

Impaired motor coordination
Guests may:
stagger, stumble, fall down, or bump into objects
be unable to pick up objects or may drop objects
Spill drinks or miss their mouths when drinking
sway when walking, sitting or standing
slur their speech
have difficulty lighting a cigarette

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