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★ Servers/establishments have these rights: Deny entry, eject guests, refuse to serve

Rights under the Liquor Licence Act (L.L.A)
  • Right to deny entry and the right to eject guests
  • removed the alcohol out of the customers reach and refused to sell the beer to the customer after failed to produce an acceptable form of ID.
  • Serve no one to the point of intoxication; refuse entry to and remove intoxicated people.

Right to Deny Entry:
  • no person shall be intoxicated condition in a place to which the general public is invited or permitted access.
  • underage would be ejected depending of the Establishment policies.
  • disruptive behaviour would include troublemaker who are known to disturb or annoy other guests.
  • the premises are too crowded: the maximum capacity of an establishment is generally calculated under the building code act or the fire protection and prevention act by those authorities and is in include under the liquor license

Right to Eject:
  • person under 19
  • a guest who has been previously barred from the establishment
  • guest who has previously asked to leave but returns
  • according to a condition of the license, is not permitted to be in the establishment at any time
  • guest who is rowdy or is intent on causing a fight
  • guest who is selling illegal products, gambling illegally or soliciting for prostitution

Entry Cannot be Denied to:
  • Establishments cannot deny entry to the following officers:
  • AGCO Inspectors
  • Fire fighters/inspectors
  • Law Enforcement Officers
  • Government Inspectors
  • Health inspectors

Eject a guest you should:
  • let manager/ owner/ co worker know that the guest needs to be ejected so that they can provide back up
  • ask person to leave
  • ask manager/owner to step in
  • if person still refuses to leave or weapon appears call police immediately

Steps for ejection should include:
  • Let the guest know that you have the authority to ask the guest to leave.
  • Ask in a clear, concise manner for the guest to leave.
  • Do not rush and let the guest take a few minutes.
  • If the guest still refuses to leave, it may be time to call police.

You are working as a bartender in a pub. in which of the following situations could you eject the guests?
  • you hear gus encouraging people to place monetary bets on a basketball game on tv.
  • you notice gail talking money from another guests and passing him a small tinfoil package.
  • you hear dale raising his voice, swearing, and threatening to punch one of his friends.

Refuse entry to guests Who arrive intoxicated?
Refuse entry/service to anyone suspected of participating in the sale or use of illegal drugs on the licensed premises areas.

Server Must Not:
  • Encourage drunk news or supply alcohol to intoxication
  • Inadequately monitor, supervise or control how much the guest drinks
  • Fail to notice signs of intoxication
  • continue to serve alcohol to intoxicated guests
  • Fail to take steps to stop drinking and driving

Responsibility of licensee, management and staff to detect disorderly conduct which includes?
  • Controlling and monitoring line ups
  • Minimizing damage, nuisance or other harm to property caused by disorderly conduct of someone entering or leaving premises

When can you use force?
  • Guest does not leave when requested
  • Person can be removed with "no more force than is necessary"
  • All force must stop as soon as the individual has been ejected

Use of force
force must use only be used to eject an individual not to cause harm

If you have cut someone off and instead his friend is sharing they drink you should?
Stop service to the entire table and remove alcohol from the table

You notice that one of the guests at the table passing his beer to the individual that you cut off.
stop service to the entire table and remove alcohol from the table

You have told that you will have to stop service because he is approaching intoxication. he pleads with you to reconsider as he is celebrating his birthday
calmly firmly and briefly repeat your original decision

List some ways to stop service
Do it in private, calm body language, non-judgemental, show concern, be firm, know the steps, alert back-up, practice

If a guest refuses to avoid driving you must do this
Call police

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