★ Record an Incident or Event in a Logbook

How does one record incidents and share information?
Details of significant events can be recorded in a logbook, kept for up to seven years. A complete log can be used in civil litigation, entries can be used as learning tool.

Incident report
is a written record of any event that has occurred in an establishment that could result in future legal action.

Incident report should be written when? (8)
  • intoxicated guest is refused service
  • minor presents false ID
  • guest become violent or fight breaks out
  • anytime guest is asked by staff to leave
  • arranged transportation for guest
  • liquor inspector visits establishment
  • guest has accident or becomes Ill
  • police are called

Incident report should include?
  • date time incident
  • servers and managers on duty
  • name of guest, type of clothing, general attitude
  • condition of guest
  • details about guests in the party
  • witness (name, address, number)
  • info on guest driving
  • bill
  • steps take to arrange transportation
  • details of any police involved
  • any other important details
  • write out immediately

Incidents with minors, intoxicated or problem patrons should be recorded in a logbook that:
includes relevant sales slips, if available

There are three steps to record incidents and share information:
  • system of recording incidents
  • dedicated logbook
  • detailed account of incidents

Dedicated Logbook
  • Record incidents when the have had to refuse service because customers were minors or intoxicated.
  • Signed by the a manager
  • Record all sales records with time, place, date and nature of the incident, description of the parties involved, the action taken, and names of witnesses and other pertinent information.

How is coordinated teamwork implimented?
Identify co-workers, identify problem customers, record incidents, share information.

List the important details to include in an incident log
  • key details are captured and that all sales records associated with the incident are preserved.
  • Details should include the time, place, date and nature of the incident, a description of the parties involved, the action taken, the names of witnesses and any other pertinent information.

How to use an incident log
  • Record details of events in a logbook and keep these records, along with sales slips, for at least seven years.
  • Use entries as a learning tool and to debrief staff.

Incident records should be preserved for how many years?

When documenting an incident, what information needs to be included in a logbook?
  • Nature of the incident such as time, place, date and description of the incident
  • Description of the parties involved and action taken
  • Employee accounts of the incident and names of witnesses
  • Sales records associated with the incident

Which is the key reason that an incident log be a bound logbook instead of one that is not bound?
it will have more credibility in a court of law

What may be a crucial element of defense in civil litigation and in enforcement hearings before the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch?
key details captured in an incident log

What additional documents pertaining to an incident are retained?
the sales records associated with the incident

When documenting an incident, which information is NOT relevant and does NOT need to be included in a logbook?
The guest's place of employment

What can a manager improve by utilizing the information captured in recent incident reports?
house policies

When is an incident recorded in the logbook?
when a guest is refused service

What are the characteristics of a good logbook?
should be a bound book with page numbers printed

When is the best time to record events in a logbook?
immediately after an incident occurs

What should be done when a fake or invalid ID is suspected?
record ID information and refuse service

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