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★ Alcohol Standard Drinks Guide

What is a Standard Drink?
  • A standard drink is 0.6 ounces of 100% (pure) alcohol; for example,
  • 5 ounce glass of 12% wine
  • 12-ounce glass of beer
  • half-ounce hard liquor or spirits, containing 40% alcohol

What is the purpose of a 'Standard Drink'?
To monitor guests' intake of alcohol. Alcohol Content of a Standard Drink should be used as a Guideline

A Standard Drink of Wine?
  • 5oz of 12% alcohol (142ml)
  • 5 ounces/142 ml of wine with 12% alcohol Volume
  • 7.5 oz of wine with 8% alcohol volume

A Standard Drink of Beer?
  • 12oz of 5% alcohol (341ml)
  • 12 ounces/341 ml of beer with 5% alcohol Volume

A Standard Drink of a Mixed Drink ?
  • 1.5oz of 40% alcohol (43ml)
  • 1.5 ounces/43 ml of distilled spirits with 40% alcohol Volume

All Standard Drinks Contain?
  • 0.6oz = 17ml of alcohol
  • Some liquors such as Creme de Cacao, Kahlua, and Amaretto contain less than 40%

This is the equation to figure out how much is a standard drink
  • Standard drink calculation equation ?
  • % of alcohol x ounces = 60

What is a practical way to determine if an individual is intoxicated if a breathalyzer or blood test CANNOT be performed to determine BAC?
observe how many standard drinks are consumed by the individual per hour

While at your premises, what is the most practical way to determine if an individual is intoxicated?
observe how many standard drinks are consumed by the individual per hour

Approximately how many standard drinks can the average person's liver process per hour?
The liver can only process a fixed amount of alcohol, which is about one standard drink per hour.

Martinis often contain how much alcohol?
1.5-2.0oz of 40% alcohol Volume

Following alcohols contain less then 40% alcohol Volume
Crème de Cacao

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